Devina Mehra Dismisses Nilesh Shah’s 84-Hour Workweek Proposal as “Nonsense”

Devina Mehra, Founder of First Global, criticized Kotak AMC CEO Nilesh Shah’s suggestion of working 84 hours a week for nation-building. She called the idea “impractical and counterproductive,” pointing to research that shows long work hours decrease productivity and harm health. Mehra also highlighted the negative impact on families, especially for women, and emphasized the importance of female participation in the workforce for sustainable economic growth. She argued that mastering skills requires dedication, but not extended office hours.

In response to Shah’s podcast comments about working extra hours like Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese for faster growth, Mehra posted on X (formerly Twitter):

  1. Productivity Drops: Research shows working beyond a certain number of hours reduces productivity. The human mind and body can’t sustain focused, high-quality work for 84 hours a week regularly, and it harms physical and mental health.
  2. Family Impact: Such long hours assume men work while women handle home and children, excluding women from the workforce. Economic growth needs more women working, not fewer.
  3. Women in Workforce: No country has moved from low to middle income without significant female workforce participation. Encouraging an 84-hour workweek would deter women from working.
  4. Social Consequences: Countries like Korea and Japan, where long work hours are common, have seen declining birth rates because women choose not to marry or have children.
  5. Skill Development: While long office hours aren’t necessary, mastering skills requires dedication. Learning and improving skills often require extra hours of personal study and development.

Mehra concluded that while skill mastery needs time, a balanced approach to work hours is essential for personal well-being and national growth.

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