Zee Offers Affordable IPL Ad Packages to Attract Marketers

Zee Entertainment Enterprises aims to lure advertisers away from Disney Star during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season by providing cost-effective advertising packages. Zee, holding over 17% TV viewership share, offers competitive rates for prime-time advertisements during IPL, presenting an opportunity for brands with budget constraints. Zee’s packages range from ₹16 crore to ₹35 crore, significantly lower than Disney Star’s rates of ₹83 crore to ₹167 crore. This move allows Zee to tap into a wider range of advertisers seeking exposure during the IPL period.

Ashish Sehgal, Zee Entertainment’s Chief Growth Officer for Ad Sales, mentioned that the company has developed multiple advertisement packages catering to various marketing goals. They offer plans spanning eight weeks for brands aiming to dominate IPL advertising, as well as shorter four- and six-week options. Sehgal acknowledged the high cost of IPL advertising on TV and noted that marketers have diversified their investments across genres due to budget constraints. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a sustained brand presence throughout the year, given that live sporting events impact entertainment channel viewership and ad revenue.


Zee is optimistic about achieving double-digit growth in advertising revenue in the coming quarters, primarily driven by strong performances in regional and movie channel categories. The network aims to enhance the yield of its advertising inventory, especially in markets like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka, where it is currently under-indexed.

Sehgal highlighted the increasing TV viewership in terms of reach and time spent, contrasting it with stagnancy in digital video viewing. Zee’s strategy involves offering affordable IPL ad packages, presenting an alternative for advertisers looking to maximize their reach and impact during this popular cricket tournament.

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