Tata Play Unveils ‘Breakthrough’ For Targeted TV Ads, Anticipates Revenue Boost

In a significant move for the Indian television industry, Tata Play launched addressable ads for linear TV on Monday, presenting a ‘breakthrough’ for unconnected boxes. This innovation is expected to drive advertising revenues for the satellite TV provider, who previously did not have access to this revenue stream.

Addressable Ads enable brands to target specific audience segments with the same TV ad spots, giving broadcasters the ability to choose ads tailored to different regions and income groups.


In partnership with Invidi for ad-tech and campaign management and TAM for audience measurement, Tata Play expressed excitement about this breakthrough for unconnected boxes. The company stated, “This marks a first for unconnected boxes, empowering advertisers to reach their targeted audience with complete measurability. The segmentation will be based on audience profiles and various geographical cuts, making television advertising more engaging and effective.”

This development comes at a time when India is witnessing a surge in Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms and the rapid adoption of the internet, enabling targeted ads on digital platforms. Tata Play is now extending this technology to non-connected TVs, potentially increasing its revenues.

Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO of Tata Play, highlighted the significance of this move, stating, “Platforms have never had access to advertising revenue. This makes us a stakeholder in that stream of revenue too.” Nagpal anticipates that the service will encourage more advertisers to participate due to increased efficiencies and reduced spill-over. Niche brands, which previously may not have advertised, are expected to find the return on investment compelling.

Addressable TV ads represent a groundbreaking shift in TV advertising by combining traditional linear TV with digital capabilities, according to the company. Tata Play’s Addressable Ads solution aims to enhance advertisers’ return on investment through features such as targeted advertising and impression purchasing.

The strategic approach of targeted ads optimizes budgets by directing ads to individuals who have shown prior interest, ensuring higher conversion rates compared to broader campaigns. In India, where television offers the highest advertising reach for brands, Tata Play’s targeted ad delivery allows the splitting of a TV spot into multiple beams, each carrying messages to distinctive audience cohorts.

In summarizing the impact of this innovation, Nagpal stated, “While television delivers the highest advertising reach for brands, it doesn’t offer sharper targeting. With our targeted ad delivery, we can now split a TV spot into multiple beams with each beam carrying messages to distinctive audience cohorts, as required by the advertisers.”

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