OpenAI Resolves Issues, Welcomes New Board Members

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is putting internal conflicts behind it. After investigating events that led to CEO Sam Altman’s brief termination in November, the company has reinstated him on the board, showing confidence in his leadership. To strengthen governance, OpenAI added three women directors: Fidji Simo, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, and Nicole Seligman.

Altman welcomed the new members and thanked the team for resilience during challenging times. He acknowledged learning from the experience and apologized for not handling a situation with more care. Altman emphasized the importance of getting AGI (artificial general intelligence) right and expressed excitement about the company’s future work.


An independent investigation concluded that Altman’s removal was due to a breakdown in trust with the previous board, but his conduct did not warrant dismissal. Altman’s net worth reached $2 billion recently, but OpenAI’s success is not linked to his fortune.

OpenAI is committed to its mission of safely developing AGI for humanity. The company plans governance improvements, such as new corporate guidelines, stronger conflict of interest policies, a whistleblower hotline, and additional board committees. Despite challenges, OpenAI aims to focus on its goals and navigate the path to developing advanced AI systems responsibly.

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