Liquor Sales Soar, Raking in Over Rs 525 Crore with 3 Crore Bottles Sold In Delhi

The festive season surrounding Diwali has proven to be lucrative for the Delhi government, with the sale of over three crore liquor bottles generating revenue exceeding Rs 525 crore in just 17 days, according to official data. The three days leading up to Diwali saw a substantial surge, with 64 lakh liquor bottles worth approximately Rs 121 crore purchased by Delhi residents.

Official figures reveal that in the week preceding Diwali, the sale of over one crore liquor bottles contributed Rs 234.15 crore to the government’s revenue. A senior excise department official noted that liquor sales tend to rise during festivals like Holi and Diwali in Delhi, driven not only by personal consumption and stocking but also by purchases for gifting.

The three-day spike in liquor sales just ahead of Diwali, with stores selling 17.33 lakh, 18.89 lakh, and 27.89 lakh bottles on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, respectively, brought in a total of Rs 120.92 crore. Diwali, being a dry day, resulted in shop closures.

In the 17 days leading up to Diwali, the total liquor sales exceeded three crore bottles, contributing a substantial revenue of Rs 525.84 crore. Comparing this to the previous year’s pre-Diwali period, there was a significant growth of 42%, with the number of bottles sold surpassing 2022’s figure of 2.11 crore to over three crore this year.

The average daily sale during the festival period also witnessed a notable increase, rising from 12.44 lakh bottles in 2022 to 17.93 lakh bottles this year, representing a 44% growth. Delhi boasts over 650 liquor stores operated by four government corporations, which were strategically stocked ahead of the festive season.

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