HDFC Securities Launches Discount Broking All-in-One App ‘HDFC SKY’

HDFC Securities made a significant announcement on Monday, September 25, with the launch of their comprehensive discount broking mobile app, HDFC SKY. This innovative app is designed to cater to investors and traders of all levels of expertise, providing them with a seamless platform to participate in financial markets and pursue their financial objectives, according to the company’s official statement.

HDFC SKY introduces a straightforward pricing structure, offering a flat rate of ₹20 for both intraday and delivery trades across various market segments. Additionally, it features a 12 percent MTF (Margin Trading Facility) and boasts the advantage of zero account opening and maintenance charges for the first year.

One noteworthy aspect of HDFC SKY is its accessibility, as it is open to all investors and traders, in contrast to HDFC Securities, which is exclusively available to HDFC Bank customers. With this new app, HDFC Securities appears to be aiming for a substantial market share among traders and investors. Presently, Zerodha, Groww, and Upstox are some of the prominent discount brokerage platforms in India.

The app promises a diverse array of investment and trading options, encompassing Indian stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, futures and options, currencies, commodities, IPOs, and global equities, all accessible through a single fintech platform.

HDFC Securities emphasizes that the app will offer customers the benefit of a transparent and easily understandable fee structure, simplifying the cost associated with transactions.

In their official statement, HDFC Securities highlighted the primary objective of the platform: to simplify the complex world of investing, especially in light of the myriad options available in the market. The all-in-one app, characterized by its user-friendly interface, is envisioned to guide investors and traders in navigating the intricacies of their investments.

Speaking at the launch event, Dhiraj Relli, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at HDFC Securities, expressed his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled to announce the launch of HDFC SKY, our latest fintech innovation tailored for the dynamic Indian investing and trading community. HDFC SKY embodies our commitment to put clients at the forefront, offering a seamless, all-inclusive app for investments.”

Relli further emphasized, “With a flat pricing model, we ensure transparency and affordability for all investors. What sets HDFC SKY apart is its cutting-edge technology, which will give our clients a secure, efficient and user-friendly experience. HDFC SKY is more than an app. It’s a testament to our dedication to excellence in financial services.”

Sandeep Bhardwaj, Chief Operating and Digital Officer at HDFC Securities, highlighted the comprehensive suite of features offered by HDFC SKY. These include an all-in-one app covering various asset classes, in-house research at no cost, a dedicated MTF ecosystem with competitive pricing, an intuitive UI/UX for effortless navigation, personalized watchlists with tags, an option chain, educational resources via HDFC SKY Learn, and the capability to compare mutual funds with in-depth insights, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

HDFC Securities affirmed its commitment to further enhancing HDFC SKY, positioning it as the ultimate destination for Indian investors and traders. They plan to continually refine the user experience, expand investment options, and leverage technology’s power to make investing more accessible. The company’s focus remains firmly on client-centricity, innovation, and a technology-driven future.

As stated by HDFC Securities, their ultimate goal is to ensure that HDFC SKY equips every investor, regardless of their level of experience, with the tools needed to realize their financial aspirations. Their unwavering focus lies in fostering financial empowerment through transparent pricing and innovative features.

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