Consumer Watchdog Warns Celebrities Against Promoting Betting and Gambling

India’s consumer watchdog, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), has issued a warning to celebrities regarding the promotion of betting and gambling. The advisory comes in response to the growing number of advertisements and endorsements for such activities. The CCPA emphasized that any violation of its guidelines could lead to strict legal action, including penalties for manufacturers, advertisers, social media platforms, and the celebrities involved.

In its circular on Wednesday, the CCPA highlighted the use of celebrities and influencers by betting platforms for endorsing their activities. The agency stated that celebrity endorsements create an impression that participating in such activities is acceptable. Since online gambling and betting are illegal in most states, engaging in their promotion or advertisement makes one equally liable for participating in illegal activities. The advisory strongly urged celebrities and influencers to refrain from endorsing and promoting illegal betting and gambling.


The CCPA, which operates under the consumer affairs ministry, reiterated that promoting or advertising any illegal activities is itself illegal. The advisory emphasized that any advertisement or endorsement, directly or indirectly, of activities prohibited by law, including betting or gambling, would face rigorous scrutiny.

Despite previous warnings, several celebrities, including cricketers, commentators, and Bollywood stars, have continued to endorse betting platforms. Notable figures like Sanjay Manjrekar and Aakash Chopra have appeared in online gambling ad campaigns for offshore companies. The CCPA’s advisory aims to curb such endorsements and ensure compliance with the law.

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