Vijay Kedia On The Best Times For Retail Investors To Buy Stocks

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Bull vs bear: Investors in the stock market are terrified about when this sell-off will conclude and where this bear market will bottom out following the massacre on Dalal Street on Friday. Vijay Kedia, a renowned investor, is unconcerned by the recent decline in the markets. He thinks that a long-term positional investor would benefit greatly from the current decline in Indian stocks. According to Vijay Kedia, who spoke exclusively with Livemint, “a bear market generates clever investors” because it enables investors to hone the skill of spotting opportunities amid anxiety.

Vijay Kedia observed, in reference to the recent stock market decline, particularly on Friday last week: “When there is panic, there is opportunity because long-term investors benefit greatly from short-term crises by purchasing high-quality equities at reduced prices. It’s similar to discount shopping in that you strive to purchase items of your choosing when they are offered at lower prices.”

Bull vs Bear: Who Would Win?

Kedia Securities’ founder continued by saying that nobody has profited from the bull market. Because of the bear market, you have the chance to buy high-quality stocks at lower prices. If a stock market investor’s risk tolerance is poor, he suggested them to invest in the cash section.

Vijay Kedia recently tweeted, “A bull market creates many self-acclaimed genius or stock pickers but in reality a real stock market genius are born in a bear market because that is the time you learn the most from your mistakes and introspect what you are doing.” Vijay Kedia was urging stock market investors to make friends with a bear market.

Vijay Kedia Recommendations

When asked which industries one should look in to find high-quality stocks at bargain prices, Vijay Kedia responded, “In the current market environment, stocks from mid-sized banks, capital goods, and the telecom segment are expected to outperform other sectors, and stock investors with long-term perspectives can look at the stocks in these sectors.”

On Friday, there was a significant sell-off in Indian markets. The Nifty 50 index fell 350 points, while the BSE Sensex fell 1,100 points in a single session.

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