OptraSCAN Empowers AIG Hospitals with Digital Pathology Solutions

OptraSCAN, a global leader in digital pathology solutions, is delighted to announce the successful implementation and utilization of its high-speed Digital Pathology Platform OS-Ultra by AIG Hospitals (A unit of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology), Hyderabad. This partnership marks another mile stone in Optra SCANs commitment to revolutionizing the field of digital pathology and empowering health care organizations worldwide.

OptraSCAN Digital Pathology Slide Scanner launch at the prestigious Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

AIG Hospitals, are owned multidisciplinary institution headed by Chairman Dr. Duvvur Nageshwar Reddy, has chosen Optra SCANs cutting-edge digital pathology platform OS Ultrato revolutionize their diagnostic processes, enable advanced AIbased analytics, optimize workflows, and drive innovation within their pathology practices. The OptraSCAN scanner OS-Ultrawas unveiled at the inauguration of AIGHospitals Pathology department, marking a significant milestone for AIG Hospitals in advancing their pathology practices.

Dr. Anuradha Sekaran, Director and Chief of Pathology at AIG expressed their excitement, stating, “Our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality diagnosis to our patients, and the adoption of OptraSCANs digital pathology solution is a significant step in that direction. It enable susto optimize workload distribution, facilitate instants pecia list opinions,enable remote case reviews, and simplify tumor board joint reviews.The main motive of digitizing pathology is to use Artificial Intelligence as a modality in routine diagnostic work and promote research activities. OptraSCANs whole slide scanners are both affordable and efficient, providing excellent imag equality.”

We are delighted to welcome AIG Hospitals to our growing family of customers,” said Abhi Gholap, Founder and CEO at OptraSCAN. “Their decision to partner with OptraSCAN under scores the trust our customers place in our digital pathology solutions. We look forward to collaborating closely with AIG Hospitals and supporting the min their mission to deliver exceptional patient care.” OptraSCAN remains committed to delivering innovative digital pathology solutions that empower healthcare institutions worldwide. With a strong track record of success and a dedication to advancing the field of pathology, OptraSCAN continues to be a trusted partner in improving diagnostic accuracy, enhancing workflows, and driving transformative change in pathology practices.

About OptraSCAN
OptraSCAN is a global leader in providing end-to-end digital pathology solutions, empowering healthcare institutions to transition from traditional glass slides to digitize dimages for improved diagnostics, research, and education. OptraSCANs innovative technology, including high-speed whole slide scanners, image analysis software, and data management tools, enables pathologists to make more accurate and timely diagnosis.

For more information about OptraSCAN, please visit www.optrascan.com.

About AIG Hospitals

AIG Hospitals is a top gastroenterology hospital in Hyderabad, India, offering advanced medical services and cutting-edge TelePathology for remote evaluation. It features an 800-bed super specialty facility and a comprehensive Lab Medicine department for accurate reports 24/7.The hospital has a strong academic focus, training over 90 DNB doctors and publishing more than 430 research papers.

For more information about AIG,visit www.aighospitals.com.

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