How To Beat Inflation? Buffett Gave An Easy-To-Do Suggestion

It’s difficult to ignore inflation. It’s at the gas stations, retail shops, restaurants, and even the neighbourhood chai shop. It reached an eight-year high of 7.79 percent in April. What can a person do to protect themselves?

One of the issues addressed to Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger at Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Meeting was on assets that may overcome inflation.

Buffett replied with a straightforward recommendation.

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“Your own personal income threshold is the greatest defence against inflation,” he remarked.

“If you can play the violin exceptionally well, you’ll be okay throughout inflation.” People will pay you if you play it much better than other people… He said, “Your abilities will not be taken away, but your money may.”

A shareholder raised the issue after reading an essay Buffett wrote in the 1970s in which he claimed that inflation defrauds equity holders since equities can’t keep up with inflation. The investor inquired, “Do you still feel this is the case?”

“I might add that inflation also deceives bond investors. It also defrauds the individual who keeps money beneath their mattress. He claims that it “swindles practically everyone.”

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He challenged the audience to think of a firm that is incredibly capital efficient, one that requires no capital at all. Then, if the dollar depreciates by 90%, everything costs 10 times as much as it did before. The proprietor of a zero-capital firm may thus charge 10 times as much and yet maintain the “relative position.” However, such a company does not exist. On the other side, some firms need a lot of cash, and you have to spend in multiples simply to remain in the same location.

“If our utilities company — merely to say the dollar is worth one-tenth in 10 years, we have to have ten times the capital investment, essentially,” Buffett added. And we get compensated for it, but we’ve practically compelled capital investment to stay in the same spot.”

As a result, inflation is a drag on all asset holders, and its course is difficult to anticipate.

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“No one knows how much inflation will be in the next ten, twenty, fifty, or even next month.” Everyone talks about it… but no one knows (how much inflation will be). There are many individuals who will give you an answer if you pay them enough money, and others who will give you an answer for free since it boosts their status and makes them more desirable, and so on. But the fact is that neither they nor we nor anybody else knows,” he continued.

He went on to say that being prepared for any economic disaster, including inflation, is difficult. “Inflation is never the same,” he remarked. Nothing in economics is the same the second time it occurs as it was the first time, since the first influences people’s attitudes in the second, and attitudes constantly impact the activity… People compose textbooks based on their most recent experiences. People also study textbooks, so they will act differently the following time. “And then they wonder why they’re receiving a different outcome this time than they did last time,” he said.

Given these features of inflation, developing one’s own skill set is the greatest way to combat it. There will always be those willing to pay top dollar for the greatest doctor or lawyer. People will pay for talents regardless of the state of the economy.

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Munger advised investors to avoid investing advisers who suggested bitcoin (as a protection against inflation). “Just say no if your counsel urges you to invest your money in bitcoin,” he said.

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