‘Fake’: Amul debunks viral video alleging fungus in Amul lassi

Amul has categorically dismissed claims made in a viral video that alleges the presence of fungus in some packs of Amul Lassi. The video, circulating on social media platforms, suggests that the fungus was found in Amul Lassi packs even before their expiry date.

In response, the renowned milk major has stated that the video is fabricated and intended to spread misinformation and unnecessary fear among consumers. 

The company emphasised that the packs shown in the video are damaged around the straw hole area, with visible liquid leakage. Amul asserts that the fungus growth observed in these packs is a direct result of the damage shown in the video, a fact that the creator of the video is presumably aware of.

Addressing the issue on social media, Amul tweeted, “This is for your kind information that a fake message is being forwarded on WhatsApp and social media platforms regarding the inferior quality of Amul Lassi. The creator of the video has not contacted us for clarification, nor has the location been disclosed.” 

The Gujarat-based company firmly denies the claims made in the video and urges consumers not to be misled by such false information.

Amul’s response aims to dispel any concerns and reassure consumers about the quality and safety of its products. The company highlights the importance of seeking accurate information and urges individuals to approach them directly for any clarifications or queries.

As a standard practice, Amul includes a declaration on all their packs advising customers not to purchase puffed or leaky packs. They reassured consumers that their products are safe for consumption and urged them not to be swayed by the misleading video.

Updated: 26 May 2023, 11:27 AM IST

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