Coal India Sets Record with 703.91 Million Tonnes Production

Coal India Ltd has achieved a record-breaking production of 703.91 million tonnes (MT) in the current fiscal year until March 7, surpassing last year’s output of 703.20 MT. The Coal Ministry highlighted various measures taken to boost production, and as of March 7, 2024, Coal India maintains a substantial stock of 72.70 MT.

The achievement is notable as it exceeds the previous year’s production by an impressive margin of 26 days. Measures such as the adoption of the Mine Developer and Operator model, modernization of mines, and the initiation of new projects have contributed to the increased coal production.


In a separate release, the ministry reported a growth of 10.2% in the domestic coal sector in January. The coal industry’s index reached 218.9 points in January compared to 198.6 points in the same period last year.

The coal sector has consistently shown double-digit growth over the past seven months, outperforming other core industries. This growth has been significantly higher than the overall growth of the eight core industries in the last two financial years.

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